A shiny new cell phone is hard to resist, until you look at the price. But you can get a new to you smartphone and save hundreds of Dirham if you buy a used cell phone.

If you’re OK with a phone with some scratches on the back or a dent, you can throw a new case on it, and you’re going to save a lot of money.

The first step to buying a used phone is finding a trusted online store. Then, once you settle on a site and start shopping for phones, it’s important to ask the right questions before clicking the “Buy” button.

What is the serial number?

Also known as the SN or IMEI. This is a crucial piece of information to get, because you’ll need it to verify whether the phone has been registered as lost or stolen. If it has, you won’t be able to activate the phone. The serial number will also tell you whether the phone will work with your carrier. Most carriers let you check this online, but you can also go to a store or call customer service.

Is the phone under contract or Warranty?

Phones under a warranty or contract can’t be reactivated until the agreement is fulfilled. So, if the seller has a year left on the contract, it will be at least a year before you can activate the phone.

Does the phone have water damage?

Moisture erodes a phone’s components over time. So while the device may look fine and work well now, it won’t last long if it’s been exposed to water. Unfortunately, you typically can’t look at a phone and tell if it has water damage, so you’re trusting the seller to be honest.

Is This a Reconditioned or Used Cell Phone or Difference between both?

Yes/No. Both are typically different from each other. Used phones are generally sold as-is. That means such mobile phone devices don’t get any refurbishment treatment to restore their fresh condition and functionality. Therefore, they have some scratches and signs of usage or damage, but good in performance if you buy from a reputable seller.

Conversely, reconditioned phones are undergone a complete refurbishment treatment to fix any glitches and to restore their fresh look. This is the reason, such mobile phones not only look like new handsets but also work as good as the new ones.

Do I Get Warranty on My Used or Refurbished Phone?

It is another key question you must consider before getting a used phone. In general, used phones are not covered under warranty but some sellers provide it. Conversely, reconditioned ones are offered with 90-180 days warranty based on seller

Prefer a seller who offers you a decent warranty and money back guarantee whether you are buying a used or refurbished smartphone.

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